he Historic Shelby Foundation, Inc.
has been the premier catalyst for the preservation of Cleveland County's historic architectural resources since 1982.

Walt Scharer-President
Patrick McMurry- President Elect
Fred Blackley-Secretary
Ted Alexander-Treasurer

Terms Ending September 30, 2017
Marywinn Amaya-Past President
Melanie Graham
Angela Franklin
Thomas Couch

Terms Ending September 30, 2018
Mark Fox
Lewis McAllister
David Royster, IV
Spencer Borders

Term Ending September 30, 2019
Molly Brownlee-Corresponding Secretary
Audrey Whetten
Jim Kunkle
Violet Arth
Kelly Buccieri
Chris Martin

Historic Shelby Foundation
P.O.Box 2321
Shelby North Carolina 28151
Telephone: 704-484-3100 Email: info@historicshelby.org